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All About Pet ID Tags

All You Need To Know About Dog & Cat ID Tags

First the important stuff:

Dog identification

Dogs must at all times wear a collar that bears the name and the address of the owner inscribed on it or on a plate, badge or disc. Failure to have identification on a dog can result in an on-the-spot fine issued by a dog warden. Failure to pay this fine within a specific period can result in prosecution by the local authority.

No identification on dog

On-the-spot fine: €30 payable to your local authority.

Failure to pay on-the-spot fines can lead to prosecution in District Court with a maximum fine of €1904.61 and/or 3 months imprisonment

See more here Dog Indentification


I engrave all my tags using a diamond drag as this I feel gives the nicest finish. Please bear in mind that the smaller the dog tag, the less space will be available to enter your details and the text will be smaller.

FREE shipping on all my Pet ID Tags engraved and all tags include a split ring which attaches the tag to your pets collar.


Here is the process of making one of your tags, hope you enjoy :)  

If you are a member of a Club or Association I offer discount rates, please set up an account and then contact me below with your inquiry. Once approved you will qualify for special rates on all my Engraved Pet Tags.



I get asked a lot ... what should I put on the Pet ID Tag??, there really isn't just one answer :) Depending on the size of tag you get you can engrave pretty much anything you need.  My best advice is a mobile number or 2 as it's usually the most direct way to contact you or another family member. Double sided tags give more space to engrave what you need but for the basic info single sided tags are pawfect too :) The choice is really up to you, should your furbaby get lost having a tag is the quickest way to get hold of you!

My brand new products which are located here  Waterproof Bespoke Pet ID Tag For Dogs & Cats - gorgeous Bespoke picture or graphic designs! 


Some other cute ideas I have engraved in the past

I'm Lost - Please Ring My Mum

Am I Cute Or What?

I'm In The Doghouse Again!

I'm Not Fat - I'm Just Fluffy!

Talk To The Paw!

Have Your People Call My People!

If I Am Alone I Am Lost!

Keep Calm And Call My Mum

Keep Calm And Call My Dad

I Kiss On The First Date!

I'm Cute But You Can't Have Me!

If You Can Read This I Will Lick You!

Some practiacal ideas I have engraved in the past



I'm Deaf

I'm Blind

I'm Medicated