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Fluffs in Trouble (FIT)

Fluffs In Trouble

"Fluffs In Trouble ( FIT ) is a cause that raises much needed funds for fluffs in trouble, hence our name and as our initials state, we want them to be fit. 100% of the money raised goes to pay vet bills, etc, whether it be a single owned fluff or one in Rescue as we make donation's to both around the world.   Over 10,000 dogs are taken to rescue every year through no fault of there own, some are abandoned, some surrendered by their owners and some because their owners have died.  These babies come in frightened and some need vet care, they all need love, food, water and shelter until a new forever home can be found for them.   Some owner's don't have the money to cover medical costs but they don't want to be parted from their beloved pet either. This all costs a lot of money and we here at FIT want to help by making a wee bit of difference to these babies, always remember heaven forbid that one day this could be your baby and wouldn't you want the best for them.  I know I would! "