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Lost or Found Pets Ireland

♥ ♥ ♥ Handy Resources For Lost or Found Pets ♥ ♥ ♥

Please feel free to use this page Cahir, Co Tipperary Lost & Found Pets as often as needed to share and post missing or lost pets.


On Facebook, if sharing please make sure the picture is set to "public sharing" or people won't be able to see it. Most importantly, please update the original photo (edit post) as you find out information that way all pages you share it on will have the updates too.

Cahir, Co Tipperary Lost & Found Pets


Other Facebook Community pages are here so check them out too.


Clonmel Area


Munster Area


Munster lost and found pet helpline


Ireland Lost & Found Pets 


Lost & Found Cats Ireland


Irish Cats Needing Homes Or Rescue


Lost Dogs Ireland


Re-uniting lost dogs to their owners (Ireland)


Gundog Lost & Found Ireland


Lors lost dogs page


Pets Lost and Found Northern Ireland


What to do if you lose a pet or find one Click here -->


Not everyone is on Facebook, you can also place an add on these website links


Don't forget to contact the Local Garda Station and Local Vets leaving your name, phone number and a description of your pet, NOT everyone is online.