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Male Dog Belly Bands

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These stylish belly bands will save your carpet and other items around the house from male dogs who like to leave their mark everywhere.  They are also great for older male dogs who may have little "accidents" in your house. Perfect if you are going out visiting with your best friend and they are prone to misbehaving in friends and families houses, no more embarrassed red faces.

These belly bands are great for those dogs that like to mark their territory around the house, housebreaking puppies and dogs with urinary problems.  They are 4" wide for great protection. Velcro measures 2"x 4". They are made of quality flannel material with a layer of batting in between.

Available in Green Camo, Brown Camo or Black & White Stripe 

Sizing information:

Waistline Length : width
S :29CM : 9CM
M :33CM : 10.5CM
L : 41CM : 12CM
XL:45CM : 13.5CM