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Car Safety For Your Dog

Car Safety For Your Dog

Posted by BFWPETS on 24th Nov 2015

As most of you know we care about the products we sell and the majority we test out with our own furbabies. We have used car seat belts with car harnesses plus a Snoozer car bed for our own girls for several years now since 2009 :o well before we decided to open our own Doggie Boutique :)

We recently adopted our newest furbaby Penny and as you can see she is nice and comfy on her way home, safely secured with her car harness and tethered to the seat belt. She may have had a very rough start but now she is home with us and part of our furkid family :) 

Penny secured in her comfy car seat

We are delighted to see that a lot of doggie pawrents are now using similar products to keep their furbabies safe while out and about in their cars but did you know ....

They are super for attaching to harnesses BUT if attached to a collar will hurt a dog :o If a car stopped suddenly would probably break their wee necks :(

You can read all about the different types available here --> Safest Canine Car Restraints

"However, we were dismayed to see promotional photos in the product’s brochure of the restraint being used on a dog’s collar (risking a broken neck in case of a sudden stop), and on a dog in the back of an open pickup truck. We would love to see safety products a little more consistent in the safety message they send!"