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Dog Tags Special Offer March 2016

Dog Tags Special Offer March 2016

Posted by BFWPETS on 17th Mar 2016

Pet safety is our Number 1 priority and always has been.  As mum to 4 Bichons and 2 kitties it would be heartbreaking if one of them got out or was stolen.  Yes, they are Microchipped but we want a quick recall should that happen.  Pet tags give that option so they are never out and about without one.

There are so many dogs being posted lately in LOST & FOUND and there is a growing trend collar ONLY OR no collar and NO PET ID Tag. If your dog is found out of hours from VET’s Rescues, Dog Warden etc not everyone has access to a Microchip scanner. You may be lucky and your dog finds a nice person who actually takes them in to make sure no harm comes to them but, do you really want to take that chance?? Make that change today we're giving you 30% OFF all our Pet ID Tags until Friday 25th March!

Most dogs found could have their owner contacted within minutes IF they had a visible Pet ID tag with your contact details on it. Dogs accidentally get out but dogs roaming, dogs left outside day and night seriously??? If your garden is not secure and they "keep escaping" then make it secure, that is your job ... dogs are family and should be inside, safe and protected!

For a direct link to order today click the link now! Dog Tags Ireland For the discount code see the picture below :)