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Research PUPPY Breeders IN IRELAND

Posted by BFW Admin on 25th Apr 2017

Such a shame that there is so many that there is a need for a list :( When looking to add to your family please consider RESCUE/ADOPT don't shop online, there are so many "seemingly genuine" bad breeders out there.

Ask people for referrals if you want to buy from a reputable breeder, please don't jump in when you see an attractive posting about a puppy online. 9 times out of 10 they are backyard breeders or puppy farms who only care about the money they can make from a sale and NOT the welfare of the poor mum and dad who live in horrid conditions and are overbred and neglected all their lives.

This is a great source of currently known/suspected puppy farms and also shows general information about current breeders, please do your research and think about where they came from.

Pups Not Profit

Also this is another list you should read ...

Commercial Breeding List